Beta Twine version released June 24, 2018 for PROCJAM 2018

Made with SugarCube 2.21.0

Twitter bot released April 7, 2018

Both will be continually updated with new words and sentences.

Made by Marilyn Roxie

Special thanks to Dan Shea for additional word suggestions.

10,000 Imaginary Boys is primarily made up of words and concepts that I personally find alluring (though sometimes the results can be humorous too). Ethereality, music, the occult, luxuriousness.

Feel free to suggest new words and concepts to @10kimaginaryboy on Twitter.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorMarilyn Roxie
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsGenerator, PROCJAM, Twine


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Glad you enjoyed! I want to expand this again soon :)


"Touch him and you shall forget everything about revenge."

this game just keeps on giving


'When he touches guitar, he becomes nakedness.' ahahah


"He was a natural gift, made from reverence."